Monday, July 04, 2022

Release Date 6/30/2022


Paddle North along the Lombok coast from Senggigi. I have been keeping my boat at Scuba Froggy’s dive shop. This is my second paddle since we got back to Lombok, I didn’t get around to releasing a bottle on the first paddle.

See details on the Strava post of this paddle, and the earlier paddle

There was a 10kt wind from the Southwest that increased to at least 15kts by the time I turned around.  It made for a long slow slog on the return trip, but I felt like superman on the way down.

This boat is ok, but it’s a not fast and the bulkheads and hatches leak. You get what you paid  for, and this was definitely a bargain. I did manage to roll it a few times and did a paddlefloat rescue on the previous trip, but it isn’t easy to get it to turn over.  

The northbound paddle is so much prettier I kind of only want to go this way in the future.

There are some rocks that might be fun to play on in the surf, but I don’t feel good about going into them in the surf on my own. There was one cool arch that I paddled through because it was deep and mellow even on breaking waves. 

I found a cool pocket beach for lunch, that was only accessible by the water, I’m sure I will be back there. The surf was dumping on the rocky beach, so as long as I didn’t go in or out on a big set it was fine.

I scouted out what looks like a cool place for freediving, and maybe even scuba. We want to come back by the land. Its a rocky point, but just a few hundred meters swim if I walk down the beach to the end.

Truth: Its good to keep in touch. 

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