Saturday, November 17, 2018

Release Date 11/12/2018

We spent several days paddling in CT and RI.

We stayed in a great house in Stonington. We had hoped to paddle over from Orient Point, but it was too windy to do the crossing so we drove up. We got a super early start, met for the boats at 5:30 and were at the house by Lunch time, plenty of time for a paddle, but not a paddle AND a nap.

On Friday night we hit the Holly Ghost Society for the Fish Fry and wasted money on the lottery game.

We went to Ram Island reef to paddle in the tide race created by the flood tide and the West wind. We put in at Esker Point beach.

 The race was pretty good, and we all did a bit of surfing. We stopped to rest on Ram Island and met a VERY friendly doggy, who loved to have her belly rubbed. 

The dog was less enthusiastic about being picked-up and played like a bass guitar, but she put up with it....

The next day we paddled out to Latimer Light for more tide race surfing on the Ebb in a very strong East wind. The waves were big, but I was intimidated by the really strong wind so I didnt stay out very long and went right back after a tough slog out there.

The house was great and we had a big feast one night. Local Oysters, and a mixed grill.

On the third day we drove up to Jamestown RI to paddle along Beavertail. This where I released the bottle.  We put in at very pretty cove near Fort Wetherhill State park, and paddled along the coast to the Beavertail lighthouse. 


The hope was to play in the rocks, but there was very little swell and I was afraid of tearing up my boat after recently having it repaired. Eventually I took off my helmet to wear a warm hat, then foolishly got in a little cove in the rocks and promptly got rolled by big wave and my head was dragged across the rocks underwater. Fortunately I rolled up and got out of there and wasn't hurt, but it was a good lesson about keeping the helmet on. I did find a really great fishing buoy for my collection. I only hope I can keep it.

On the last day we paddled out of Esker Point again, but there was no wind at all and none of the tide races were working. We paddled out to South Dumpling Island and got a history lesson on the Island from the caretaker who lives there to look after it for the wealthy owner. He told us some great stories about the incredible storms that he has had in the winter. We then went over to Ford's restaurant for a great Lobster lunch. 

Truth: Dosage is Important.