Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Paddle Date 1/15/2011

Ok So I haven't been paddling and I'm in NYC with no drysuit and a ton of work to do, so I'll be spending a lot of time inside.

On my last trip back here I brought my broken paddle blades back and sent them to the "manufacturer" Onno Paddles. I love these paddles, and I felt so stupid when I broke mine by sliding the boat out of the rack with the paddle in the cockpit.

Patrick the owner of Onno is a great guy, and he very kindly offered to fix the broken one. I bought my first Onno when I broke a Werner paddle and they wouldn't fix it. Werner wouldn't even give me a discount or a break because I admited I broke it doing something stupid. Their solution was to throw it away and order another one, my solution was to find another manufacturer.

The problem with buying paddles through the mail is that the shipping is a killer so I ordered the fixed one to be put on a 2-piece shaft and then I ordered a new 1-piece.
It came in this really cool wooden coffin/box. You don't get this with that mass produced crap from Werner!! Check it out...