Monday, August 18, 2008

Release Date 8/17/2008

I released this msg off of Breezy Pt. in Queens.

We spent the morning providing safety support for the CIBBOWs swim race. The race went well and we were on time. I got to the boathouse at 4, everyone else @ 5, and we were on the beach by 6:40.

After the race we paddled over to try some surfing, but there wasn't much surf. We then had lunch and a few drinks. I was really tired, so I took a nap.

Release Date 8/16/2008

I released this msg in the Buttermilk channel in Brooklyn.

We spent the day up in Dumbo in what will be the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Running a demonstration program for free kayaking. The program was very popular with over 100 waivers signed in 3.5 hours.

We paddled up from Red Hook, and we missed the current. Most of the group had to climb out just before the Brooklyn Bridge, and walk the last little bit. The ebb is very strong right under the bridge, and the public art waterfall means we have to paddle well out into the river to get around it. Using the big SOT boats most of the group couldn't make it.

I managed to tow an empty double around it, and I came very very close to giving up. It took forever paddling as hard as I could.
On the way back we stopped in at Governor's Island and lent our boats to their program. I was happy to see it was going well, and fairly busy.

Truth: The sun can tire you out.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Release Date 8/10/2008

I released this message on 8/10/2008 in the Hudson River.

I was doing the morning trip for the Downtown Boathouse. We were going to paddle to Governor's Island, but the weather forecast was very bad, so we just did a short trip over to Hoboken.

I released the bottle on the way back the wind was picking up from the South, and going against an ebbing current so it started to get a bit choppy, and the skies turned gray, but it never actually rained. It didn't start raining until 4:00 PM. So we could have made it there and back, but I was too nervous because of all the public people, and the long distance.

Truth: Sometimes the forecast is wrong.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Release Date 7/28/08

Paddled out from Plum Beach to Breezy Point for surfing.

We got up, and going as early as we could, but we still missed most the waves. The ebb was pretty much over, and the waves quickly getting smaller by the time we got out to the sandbar.

It was very very foggy when we paddled out, and for a short time we couldn't see land in any direction, just the occasional channel marker, but the fog lifted as the day got warmer.

We did a bit of fishing, but didn't catch anything.