Monday, April 28, 2014

Release Date 4/27/2014

I went for a paddle in the Hudson up to the little park where the parrots used to live in Edgewater.

It was a windy day. We left about 1.5 hours after high water from Pier 66 and even though we had good current the wind made us work pretty hard.

By the time we got near Mitsuwa the current was ebbing. 

We took a little break at the park in Edgewater where the parrots were, but the whole place was under construction and there were no parrots, maybe they all froze or had their nests chopped down. Also see on the web that the power company took their nests down a year ago. I guess I'm out of it...

It was a nice day to be out, and we had a quick ride home, even though the wind had changed a bit.

Truth: To make something nice you often have to make a mess.

Release Date 3/22/2014

I released this msg off of Governor's Island on a windy early spring day.

I borrowed a friend's boat and it was a bit too big for me. There were decent surfable waves off the North West of the Island, but I couldn't get the boat going fast enough to catch many and it was a bit squirrelly.

Truth: New Things are Nice