Sunday, August 13, 2017

Release date 8/10/2017

I released this message in French River Prince Edward Island Canada.

I was taking a canoe trip from cousins beach to French River. It was a really nice paddle along the coast. Dramatic sandstone cliffs, sea caves, and little pocket beaches. Unfortunately it was a canoe and it got pretty rough so I was afraid to take my camera out to take photos.

Before the wind came up we actually saw a lot of, 5, lobsters just crawling along the bottom. In the future I want to bring a net and catch bag to grab some!

Truth: Caves are dark.
a string of mussels on a farm.
A view of French River Bay from the hilltop.



sunrise over the gulf of St. Lawrence.







A few days before the PEI trip I did a trip on the Mississippi river in a house boat. It was a real blast we traveled up and down the river for a few days. The boat was slow, but we could stop at beaches to swim and hang-out, and we always had our kitchen and bed with us at all times.

stocking up before trip. Total Wine was great, especially because I won the toss and didn't have to pay!

an old storefront in a river town.

the boat on a beach. No tide means easy docking!

The captain supplied an amazing bottle of wine that we had with steaks on the grill.

the view from the kitchen.

The boat at a dock at a the national eagle center.