Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Release date 10/24/2022

 I released this message between Lelei and Guraici islands in Indonesia. 

We took a small fast ferry boat out there. It had 4, 40hp 2-stroke enduro yamaha motors on it. They were tiller steered motors with tiller throttle and hand gear shifts on the side of the motors. They were then jury rigged to a steering system that allowed them to be steered with a steering wheel from above, while the throttle and gear changes had to be done by hand down below, so it took a minium of 2 people to drive it. Weird and crude, but effective...

I was diving and exploring the area.  

This is a very beautiful and undeveloped part of Indonesia the diving is much better than in Lombok where we live.  Hardly anyone goes here, and even though the local people do a lot of fishing the reefs seem very healthy.  

I saw tons of fish and beautiful coral while free diving and scuba diving.  The water is warm and visibility is excellent.  It's far off the beaten path.  

Truth: there is a big difference between 4 and 6. 

Update 2022/11/09

To visit these islands see the contact details on this instagram page:

You might consider staying at the home of Mr. Abjan Armmain in Lelei village.  This is where we stayed and it was clean and comfortable:

Phone number: +62 81 3568 83252