Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Release Date 6/22/2020

First message of 2020 almost halfway through the year.

We are still up in PEI, but its finally warm enough to kayak, and I found a great outfitter who was willing to rent me a boat: Outside Expeditions in North Rustico not too far from where we are staying. They were really cool and helpful there. I feel so bad so for operations like this they have a very short season, and because the island is essentially closed they dont have much business.

June has been very windy but the wind was light when I started. I just paddled a few miles down the coast and back.

Much of the coast is made-up of sandstone cliffs. The rock is very soft, so soft nobody ever climbs it and mussels and plants cant grow on it so it is always the same color and usually rounded.

This looks like the Grand Canyon but its Canada on the Coast!
There were lots of great little pocket beaches and I stopped on one for lunch and a bit of beach combing.

The wind picked up a bit, and it was right in my face on the way back. I posted the paddle to Strava which I have been using a lot for biking and other activities.

I started about 12:00 and went North stopped at the beach at 12:45, then started paddling again about 13:30. I went further North then turned around and paddled back into the wind. I finished around 15:30. I had to fight the wind on the way back, but I felt pretty good and only got a slight twinge in my back a few times.

 Truth: Plans Change.