Monday, February 16, 2015

Release Date 1/25/2015

We were hog hunting in North Florida.

Early morning sun coming up
It rained for days and days before hand, but on the morning of the hunt it was clear and sunny, quite cold in the morning, but by lunch we were in our shirt sleeves.

It was small game season so we were using .22 and .22mag only.

In the first few hours one of our party managed to get two hogs within seconds of each other, with only a regular .22. Excellent shooting.

I saw some at the end of the first day, but as I was stalking them some other hunters in the area fired right nearby and it caused them to get spooked and run off.

We didn't see anything the second day, which is often the case.

Really great to be out in the beautiful outdoors enjoying the scenery.

Truth: Everybody Snores.

Yes its the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.
The ride home at dusk. Amazing sunsets.

A view out over the swamp

The woods are very dense.