Sunday, August 14, 2011

Release Date 8/13/2011

I went with a bunch of friends to do a swim support for the Stonewall foundation out on Fire Island.
It was a hoot to get out in the water, but I had a bit too much fun the night before so I wasn't feeling completely "fresh" in the morning. Here I am staggering up the beach trying to get ready....

  tim vs the morning morning is winning.

this dude was ready to go.

The swim was uneventful. My swimmer was very strong and did a great job. He started in the last section, but passed-up a lot of the other swimmers who had started in earlier heats. I made it to the bloddy marys before most of my friends. I was feeling better after a drink, a bagel, and some medicine. 
I need to get some new black paddling gear this looks a little too flowery.
We tooled around some other parts of FI, and went over to another bar in the Pines for a refresh before paddling back to the shore. 

My shoulder felt awful by the end of the day, but it felt better the next morning, maybe I just need to work it a bit more. Lifting the boat up at the end of the day was terrible.

 Truth: The picture didn't come out and I forgot it....

Friday, August 05, 2011

Release date 7/31/2011

Back in the USA...

I joined the New York Kayak Company club and paddled a tide race Xcite out and around to see all the old sites.

I went from Pier 40 to Pier 96, then back down, and across to Valentino Pier to my old Red Hook location.

All the public kayak programs were going really well. I was rushing to get to Red Hook, but of course they didn't need me at all. I bought a  T-shirt and the only thing I could do to help was to ride a bike up to staples to make copies  of the wiavers for them.

I liked the tide-race, but without surf or shallow water, I couldn't really test it out very much.

My shoulder is  getting better and better, but it isn't completely fixed yet.

Truth: Some things change, Some things don't...

Release date 6/26/2011

I went out for a quick paddle to test out my shoulder, but of course the next week got away from me, and it was my LAST paddle in PNG.

Wish I had done something more dramatic, but my arm was still messed-up and it was hard work just doing this.

I made a truth, but it got lost in the shuffle.
"Things get lost in the shuffle" how about that....

Kate started a fire one morning and tossed the burning toast in a pot. I got home and thought "Oh Kate made my dinner"  Well sort of.....


Here is a movie of big rainstorm, and some dogs happy to see the master returning...