Saturday, February 11, 2012

Release Date 2/1/2012

I released this message near Suwanee Florida while I was hunting feral hogs.
It was a great time to be out in the woods, quite cool in the mornings, but warm in the afternoon. We stayed at a local hotel for a change, which was much easier than staying inland and trailering the boat all the way to the ramp every morning.

I saw 2 pigs over 3 days. One on the first day, and one on the second, but I couldn’t line-up a shot on either one. I was using a scope with a red-dot site, if you look carefully you can see the little red crosshairs in the picture. I switched to this because of my eyes, I now have trouble sighting a traditional rifle, because the sites are too close to my eyes and are very blurry. (See hog hunt in November and results of escaped hog)

My friend’s nephew managed to get 2 pigs, on the first day, he is apparently much quicker on the draw.

We left most of the carcasses out in the woods, and it was amazing how quickly the buzzards ate it all. In one case they stripped a carcass clean in just a few hours, we dropped it on a sandbar in the morning, but lunch time it was just a skeleton, and a few hooves.
Hard to see, but these little black dots are buzzards, must be 100 of them.

3 hours from pig to skelleton

There was some beautiful scenery, the sky was so clear you could see all the way to horizon over the swamp, and sometimes I just sat in the tree and looked out for a long time. I continued to hunt mostly by climbing up trees. It seems the best way to get a clear field of view over a large amount of area. 

Truth: You have to get-up early to beat the rednecks to the spot.