Saturday, November 14, 2020

Release Date 11/6/2020

 We paddled out from Stonington Point to play in the Flood Tide Race.

The wind was from the West so we were not expecting much because it was not against the current and the current wasn't at its peak in the moon cycle.

We went to "The Cans" which are the two green buoys out near the northeast tip of Fischers Island. We found almost no race directly at the buoys but when went closer to the island we found some decent waves to surf in.

The Strava track of the paddle is here. If you zoom in you can see the surfing out at the far end of the triangle:

We then went to Noank to have lobsters at Fords, but were disappointed to find it was closed. We went to a hipster grocery and got some tasty sandwiches instead and enjoyed them with a few beers to celebrate the end of 6 days of paddling.

All of this occurred during the election on 11/3 and the crazy after time of counting. What a whirlwind. 

The other paddle days were:

Play at Sugar Reef and other Ebb sites on 11/1/2020 no Strava

Downwinder from New London on 11/2/2020. This was the strongest wind I have ever paddled in and was really intense some of waves were very large and it was difficult to hold onto the paddle. 

Rhode Island rock play on 11/3/2020. There was very big swell and only some of the features were working. I was in a borrowed fiberglass boat so I did not go into the rocks. We saw some huge waves off the lighthouse at the tip of Beaver Tail. The wind was directly against the swell and just tore the top of the waves off as they broke. Nobody had an appetite to get near that.

Play on Flood at The Cans on 11/4/2020 with a stop at the Monestary to wait for the flood.

Rhode Island Rock Play along "Mansion Row" on 11/5/2020.

Strava Tracks

Did not have a storm cag but my moms raincoat was a great substitute

Mansion row paddle launch

I didnt trust the mooring so put my boat in the rocks

Parking for Lunch on Mansion Row

An Anchor in Newport

Drinking beer in Noank

Sunset on the final day

Lunch on Mansion Row

Truth: You Have to Count everything.