Sunday, November 13, 2016

Release date 10/23/2016

I havent been paddling, but did manage to go on a hunting trip in florida.

Late October and the weather was just perfect no bugs, some windless time, and warm weather, but not really hot



 There had been a huge storm and there was a lot of damage to trees and debris way up in the woods.




It was black powder season.

I spent about half my time up in a few different trees. 

On the second day in the mid morning was able to shoot a hog. A group of 4 or five of them came by. I heard them from a ways away and had to wait until they came into the clearing where I was able to shoot a large female.

The monarch butterflies were on their way south for the winter, and I saw a lot of them on the goldenrod.

We buried the head to see if we could get the skull in a year or two.

The boat ride back on the last day was really spectacular with the sunsetting over the gulf.

A great break from the busy city life.

Truth: you don't want to stop traditions.