Saturday, January 04, 2014

Release date 12/28/2013

Twas to be the last paddle of the year.

Went from Red Hook in a friends borrowed plastic boat. The boat was quite klunky, but it was a whole lot easier not dragging my boat out of the yard and down there.

We paddled up to Pier 40 against a weakening current to meet some friends, then back against the now flooding current to Red Hook. On the way North we hugged Governor's Island to stay out of the current. On the way back we went around the West side of Governor's Island to see the really amazing amount of bulkhead reconstruction that they have completed. In some places they fixed the traditional wall, in others its rip-rap, and sometimes a combination. If there was a big West wind it might be suitable for rock garden play at the appropriate time of day.

I had my new camera with me, and it worked pretty well. Its quite a bit larger than the old one, but has lots of cool features that I don't know how to use.

The day was surprisingly litter free and I wasn't able to find a bottle to toss into the ocean until I got back to Red Hook and scoured the rocks on the South side of the pier.

Truth: Many jobs are boring. 

This picture from the Polar Bear Plunge, where I was just too damn cold to release a bottle.