Friday, November 22, 2013

Release Date 11/18/2013

We went surfing at Breezy Point in Queens.

It was a very warm day, after a few days of rain it was clear and sunny with highs in the 60s.

The barge that was doing all the dredging was gone, and it didn't seem to disrupt the sandbar any, there were plenty of waves for us.

We tried to get out a bit earlier than usual, but ended up there just before low water like we usually do. The tides were big because it was a full moon, and the sandbar was exposed.

It was pretty windy 10-15kts from the West, and there was a decent amount of swell so the waves while confused were pretty big, 5 feet on the big ones.

This actually proved too big for me, I surfed one, then lost my fishing rig, while I was puttering around looking for it I got trashed by a huge monster, and was so intimidated I didn't wait long enough for it to pass to try and roll, and wet exited.

I was pretty rattled after that and tried to stick to the small ones, but then I found my fishing rig in the surf zone so we did some fishing. I caught 2 strippers, in true fisherman form the picture is of the little one. 

The other was almost twice as big, but still under the legal size limit of 28 inches so we let them go, and had veggies for dinner.

Truth: There are always bigger fish.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Release Date 11/8/2013

I released this message while attending the Kayak Waveology Autumn Gales event and BCU 5 star training.

This event runs every year, and is always a lot of fun for the boozing and eating, if the weather cooperates the kayaking can be good as well.

I did two days of 5 star training and two days of the event. I was pretty rusty on some of my skills for the 5 star training which was a bit disappointing. I am sure I hadn't practiced many of these skills in years.

The weather generally cooperated and the tide races ran well on both the ebb and the flood, we had wind against tide on a number of the days.

The organizers put together some great pictures, the good ones don't necessarily feature me, but I am in some of them. So funny how small the pictures make the waves seem.

Here is a video from the event, there is a picture of me actually catching a wave in my white on white boat at 4:01
Video of the Gales 

Truth: When you get up you will always go back down again.