Saturday, September 06, 2014

Release Date 9/5/2014

Was a beautiful day very very hot for September. Just a slight breeze. 

We went out to try surfing, but were a bit late, and there was no swell, so there was no surf to speak of.

We got to sandbar at Breezy at 10:20 for an 11:05 low at Plumb Beach. 

So instead of surfing we turned it into a fishing trip. We trolled around the point, then went to have a swim and lunch on Rockaway Beach.

There were a number of people fishing, but everyone was just catching sea robins and small fluke. One guy did tell us he caught a 50lb shark, which would have been something on our hand lines. In the end all we got was one large sea robin.

We didn't keep it, but maybe we should have:

One day the water will be at its warmest.