Saturday, March 29, 2008

Release Date 3/29/2008

Photo Elizabeth Powers.

Today as we were paddling right in front of the DTBH 72nd Street dock we spotted a small seal in the water.

It was very curious and followed us popping up, first behind, then in front again. It seemed very interested and was getting closer and closer.

So I made the classic keetch keetch noise and held my hand out like I had some food. It always works with dogs, so I figured it might work with a seal too.

The seal swam closer and closer, and then put it's paws up on my front hatch. It looked at me once more, then hauled itself up ONTO MY FRONT HATCH COVER.

It sat up there for about 30 seconds while I carefully balanced, then it jumped back in the water on the other side of my boat.

Really incredible!!!
A friend from the DTBH got a picture of it a few hours earlier on the DTBH dock at 72nd St.

Truth: It's important to get along with your neighbors.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Release Date 3/22/2008

Released this message while paddling in the Hudson River.

Air started just above freezing, but warmed-up into the forties. Very light wind from the NW, bright bright sun. The flood was slightly diminished, from snow-melt, but still significant.

It was a cool spring morning, but the sun came out, and it really warmed up. We went North up to the GW Bridge, then back to the Mitswa complex for a Japanese lunch.

Lunch was great.

We then did a bit of shopping, and I got the idea to finish my weekly shopping at Trader Joe's to the North, and then Fairway on NY side.

Trader Joe's was very nice compared to the branch in the city. Wide aisles, fresh produce, and NO CROWDS. I loaded-up with staples, then went over to Fairway for some fresh bread and cheese.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Release Date 3/13/2008

I released this message 1/2 way between and Cuba and Florida while I was on the last night of a cruise through the Panama canal.

It was wacky being on such a large ship. The picture above shows the bottle heading into the prop wash. It is just barely visible in the bottom right, and shown in a close-up.

It was a nice trip, the Panama canal is very interesting.

The sea is always different.

Release Date 3/2/2008

Released this message off the coast of Key Largo Fla. I was kayaking.

It was sunny about 75 degrees with a 10-15kt wind coming from the North East, basically right from offshore to onshore.

I was paddling a large plastic double kayak. I have only been in a double a few times in my kayaking career, I thought it would be difficult, but it wasn't too bad, and it was definitely better for efficiency.

We went along the mangroves and found some crab trap floats.

We stopped for lunch near a really cool raft. It was made of styrofoam that was encased in welded re-rod. It may well have been used to get people from Cuba to shore, it was definitely home made, but a LOT of work was put into building it.

Tide doesn't stop.