Saturday, March 29, 2008

Release Date 3/29/2008

Photo Elizabeth Powers.

Today as we were paddling right in front of the DTBH 72nd Street dock we spotted a small seal in the water.

It was very curious and followed us popping up, first behind, then in front again. It seemed very interested and was getting closer and closer.

So I made the classic keetch keetch noise and held my hand out like I had some food. It always works with dogs, so I figured it might work with a seal too.

The seal swam closer and closer, and then put it's paws up on my front hatch. It looked at me once more, then hauled itself up ONTO MY FRONT HATCH COVER.

It sat up there for about 30 seconds while I carefully balanced, then it jumped back in the water on the other side of my boat.

Really incredible!!!
A friend from the DTBH got a picture of it a few hours earlier on the DTBH dock at 72nd St.

Truth: It's important to get along with your neighbors.

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