Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Release Date 4/14/2008

Released this message off of Breezy Pt. in Brooklyn.
It was a beautiful spring day. A bit cold with light West wind that shifted to the South as the day progressed.

We launched around 9:45, and got off the water around 13:00. Air and water temp in the high 40s.
We wanted to go surfing, but there was almost no surf on the sandbar. We did chase some waves around, but there was nothing to speak of.

There had been some storms that exposed more of the rocks on the jetty, and made a huge sand cliff. If you get close to it, and look you would think you are in the desert, not Brooklyn. See the picture.

I borrowed a friends Romany since I still don't have access to my boat. Truth: Something about spring...

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