Saturday, July 21, 2012

Found Date 7/8/2012

I went for a short paddle with a friend from Pier 40 in NYC and I didn't need to release a message in a bottle, because I found one floating right next to the dock at New York Kayak where I put in.

I'm guessing it was from someone visiting because they used the much more reasonable European date format 26-6-12.  So it was floating around in the river for 12 days before I found it.

The rest of the text says:
"At Hudson River New York, USA"

"I love you Jaanu from Jaanu"

I'm having a bit of trouble making out the email, but I think I got it, and I sent them the following:

Hi There,

I found the message in a bottle you set free in New York City.

I found the message at Houston Street on July 8, 2012. Where exactly did you release it?

I hope you enjoyed your time in New York.

I posted a picture of letter on my blog at: