Saturday, July 21, 2012

Found Date 7/8/2012

I went for a short paddle with a friend from Pier 40 in NYC and I didn't need to release a message in a bottle, because I found one floating right next to the dock at New York Kayak where I put in.

I'm guessing it was from someone visiting because they used the much more reasonable European date format 26-6-12.  So it was floating around in the river for 12 days before I found it.

The rest of the text says:
"At Hudson River New York, USA"

"I love you Jaanu from Jaanu"

I'm having a bit of trouble making out the email, but I think I got it, and I sent them the following:

Hi There,

I found the message in a bottle you set free in New York City.

I found the message at Houston Street on July 8, 2012. Where exactly did you release it?

I hope you enjoyed your time in New York.

I posted a picture of letter on my blog at:



Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your mail. We are spellbound to see your mail and picture. You noticed the message perceptively, we appreciate for that. In your blog it would be "I love you Jaanu from Jaanu", not "jamu". So, we will be so pleased if you please correct it. We know it's quite surprising but still....
We have one more bottle in Hudson, so when you will find it let us know, please. Anyways, what you did with that bottle and message? We always enjoy at Hudson and throw it at 76 street.

Bottle thrower...

David Berreby said...

Very cool that this connection was made with the mysterious "thrower."

Reminds me of my first time kayaking in the Gowanus Canal. Floating on the oily water was the page of a book, saturated but still perfectly legible. It was a page from a paperback of Darwin's Origin of Species. Not exactly a message but maybe an omen. I collected it and it dried on my hull. May still have it in a drawer somewhere...

Anonymous said...

I loved the walkthrough. Thank you so much for the posting. I really loved the message.

Message in a bottle

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim!

I haven't visited your blog for a while BUT - yesterday I visited a blog called Windtraveler and found myself thinking of you for some reason. Follow the link and I think you'll see why immediately!

PS - heard I missed you at the LIC Blue Drinks! I'm so bad at those things, you're supposed to be networking and I just go sit with the Sebago people. But of course so many of the Sebago people spend every summer weekend at the lake, Blue Drinks is the best chance we get to catch up!

Message in a bottle said...

Lovely message :) I quess it is cool to find one!

Message in a bottle said...

Great message!