Saturday, December 09, 2017

Release Date 12/1/2017

I released this message on the ferry between Tierra del Fuego and mainland Chile.

We had be visiting Karukinka National Park which is located at the very Southern end of the Island and we were returning to Puenta Arenas where we flew into and out of the area.

This is a beautiful and wild place. Most of Tierra del Fuego is flat grasslands dominated by Sheep farming, but in the far South there are forested mountains with many different kind of habitats. On the same day we were hiking through areas sheltered by the wind consisting of lakes and beaver dams, then driving through a mountain pass with snow on the ground, walking on barren beach in 40MPH winds, and driving through flat pampas grasslands.

The most distinctive feature of the entire trip was the really fierce wind. Everyday we saw winds in excess of 40MPH. Our trip was even delayed by a day because the ferry from Puenta Arenas was not allowed to make the crossing.


We found 4 huge bags of wool on the road one day. Somebody must have been driving a wool truck like a maniac and they fell off.

Some ideas for my container house.

king crab traps.

The end of the road!

pesky beavers are destroying the natural rivers and streams. Brought from Canada at the turn of the century to start a fur trade, now the rangers are killing them.

A really really windy beach where I'm looking for cool flotsam or jetsam

An old abandoned gold "dredge" this one of the 3 tourist traps on the island

yes we abused the Pano picture feature, but the landscape demanded it!

Tasty lamb cooking in a restaurant I had to have this when I saw it.

These racecars were on the ferry the first day, but the trip and race was cancelled because of wind

a black diamond ski run too steep to even think about walking down basically a cliff.

lots of cool shipwrecks on the beach. This one at the ferry dock in Punta Arenas

We did a hike outside of punta arenas to a ski resort, in the summer it is for hikers

by the end of the trip the brand new rental truck was very dirty

Truth: Too much salt is a bad thing.