Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Release Date 10/21/2017

I was up in North Florida for some boating, fishing, and hunting.

It was wonderfully warm, but not hot, unfortunately the wind was blowing very hard the entire time which made it difficult to drive our airboat and also made the fishing and hunting unproductive. 

The water up here is always the color of coffee, and because of the wind we could not get out into deep clear water for flats fishing.

I went North as far as Shired Island, and South as far as Cedar Key.

Shired Island was by far my favorite just a tiny desolate spit of sand out in the marsh. We met a really interesting guy there in an ancient camper who looked like he lived there. I could understand about every other word he said, no shirt, just burned brown by the sun going on and on. I can only imagine what he is like during the cocktail hour.

We saw a ton of signs of hogs on a little private island up there, that we were not allowed to hunt on. This would be a good place to launch kayaks.

Cedar Key on the other hand is the exact opposite just crappy restaurants and all touristy. Locals were super friendly and were able to get 2 free rides. One we repaid with a drink at a bar, and were entertained by his stories of life in the Islands and off color humor, the other we forced a $10 bill on.

This area is beautiful in its own desolate way, and hopefully it will always stay this way.

I did find a cool island for sale, Deer Island, a bit out of my price range, but they seem to be flexible, and a conservation easement might really knock the price down.

Truth:  Some Awards are better than others.

Some pictures are below. 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Release Date 9/29/2017

We did a crossing from Orient Point to Stonington CT.
Ebb Starts Race 07:15
Max Ebb Race 10:00 2.0 Kts
Flood Start Race 13:20


getting ready at Orient Point.

Sunrise just after we lauched.








Launch 06:40
Little Gull Land 08:25
Little Gull Depart 09:10
Noank Land 12:55
Noank Depart 14:40

Wind North shifting to SW 10kts.

We drove out the night before because the start was so early. It was a beautiful morning clear and sunny, and really warm for this time of year. It was in the mid 60s when we launched and much have gotten up to 80 by the mid afternoon.

We were traveling on the Neaps so the current was not super strong. We went the traditional "inside" route along the sound side of Fischers Island.

We took a break at Little Gull Island. Even though it was early there were a lot of seals there.

Great Gull in the morning with the sun behind the island.
Seals in the water at Little Gull

It was still pretty early at Little Gull.

This tree looks just like a pig!

Race Rock was a nice little rest spot out of the current.

Lots of people fishing in the race. They were all catching Bluefish.

Entrance to Noank Harbor.

We stopped at Noank to have a giant lobster lunch at a place called Abbotts. 

I had a lobster for lunch and some beer.

The paddle from Noank to Stonington was against a weak current, but we had some nice surfable waves. The Wind had changed and we could go downwind for over half the trip to Stonington.

Dinner was at the great Portuguese holly ghost Society in Stonington.

We then stayed up there through the weekend. We went surfing on Saturday at Sugar Reef, then went up and paddled along the rocks in Narragansett.

A stogie during the last day of the Sunday.

Truth: Things Look different from different perspectives.