Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Release Date 9/23/2007

I went on a long paddle from Red Hook up to the GW bridge to meet some friends and have a late night BBQ.

We stopped at Fairway and picked-up food for dinner, then went to a little beach near the bridge on the NY side. It's funny I was riding by this area over and over in the last year, but I never knew there were beaches here. It also brought back a number of memories that were a little painful.

It was a stunning night, the sunset was great, then the wind died the moon was almost full.

We had a great dinner. Steak on the grill, corn on the cob, and baked beans.

The paddle back was with the current, but kind of intense because it was so late, and I was pretty tired. I landed in Red Hook at 1:00AM.

Truth: Steak on the Grill is good.

Release Date 9/22/2007

I released this message on the Hudson River in the evening right at Sunset. I had spent the day at the New York Kayak Company doing a BCU 3 star assesment, and I was trying to get a little paddling in before it got dark.

It was another wonderful evening, we have so many great days this September.

I watched the sun go down and paddled up to the North, turning around at 42nd St. It felt good to get out, even for just the short time.

Truth: Trying something and taking a risk can be good even if doesn't work.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Release Date 9/15/2007

I released this message on 9/16/2007 in the Buttermilk Channel off of Red Hook Brooklyn. I had spent the day paddling. I went up to the Downtown Boathouse locations, and helped ferry some boats between the locations.

I had the current when towing the boats, but went into a stiff wind on the way North, then the wind died when I was counting on it to help me bring 2 boats back downtown. It's easier to tow empty boats, but it still turned into a pretty good workout.

You can see from the pictures that the current was going good by the time I came back to Brooklyn. The eddy around the buoy was pretty impressive, and took the bottle away to the South.

It was a beautiful day, some clouds, cool, and bright. It means the seasons are changing, but for now it's just great.

I got to spend the evening on the waterfront as well because I went to see the Opera that Portside did on their ship. It was great.

Truth: September can be beautiful.

Release Date 9/15/2007

I released this message on 9/15/2007 on the bridge between Coney Island and Sheepshead bay.

I spent the morning out at Plumb Beach doing a beach clean-up.

There was a staggering amount of trash on the beach. For the first 1/2 hour it felt really good. I was picking stuff up, filling the bags, making real progress, but eventually it got to me.

There was so much trash we just weren't making headway. No matter how much we picked-up there was more and more.

I remember we finished one section, then I walked around a bend in the beach, and saw hundreds and hundreds more yards of trash strewn everywhere, and my spirits sagged.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Release Date 9/13/2007

I released this message off of Sunset Park in Brooklyn, right at sunset. The days are getting shorter and shorter, and today sunset was at 19:04 yikes, time to head south....

It was another beautiful late summer day of paddling. I sometimes wonder why I don't get out every day. I checked out the abandoned piers again, for some reason I really like it down there. I'm trying to organize a camp-out before the end of the season.

Truth: Wet clothes can make you cold.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Release Date 9/11/2007

I was helping, via kayak, with a Buddist lantern ceremony to remember people killed in the WTC disaster. See website

This service has been taking place for the last couple of years. We tow the lanterns out for viewing. It was very moving, with the fog and the twin light beams showing just to the south at the site.

It brought back a lot of memories for me.

Truth: Candle Light is special

Monday, September 10, 2007

Release Date 9/10/2007

I released this message off of Breezy Pt. in Brooklyn/Queens. I had gone out kayak surfing from Plumb Beach.

We paddled out to the sandbar near the end of the jetty. We had the tide perfect, an hour before low, but there wasn't enough swell to get good consistent rides.

We each got some rides, but it was really hard to position the boat in the right place, the breaking waves were moving from one spot to another, and we were getting pushed around by the wind and current.

The pictures of the cliff show the massive erosion that must have happened very recently, it was really neat to sea the carved sand dunes, and little sand cliffs along the break water.

There were huge schools of bait fish being attacked by bluefish. The bluefish drove the bait fish right onto the beach where the gulls were eating them.

The gulls had so gorged themselves that they couldn't eat any more and were just standing around these beached fish flopping at their feet.

Truth: It's hard to consciously stop thinking about something.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Release Date 9/15/2007

I released this message off of Hoboken. I had paddled over to Hoboken from Red Hook to attend the Hoboken Italian festival. The festival was a hoot. Like San Genero for the Sopranos as someone commented.

After hanging around eating Zepoles and stuff I stayed to watch the fireworks by Kayak. It was really nice, and I had a great view from very close-up.

The paddle back was fun, but a little nerve wracking, since it involved crossing the river, and to Brooklyn late at night.

Truth: Fireworks are cool.

Release Date 9/14/2007

I released this message near sunset off of Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

I was out for a short paddle from Red Hook where I live. It's kind of funny that I rarely paddle from home any more, but evenings like this remind me that I should be.

I just walked down to the water, and got right in. After a really bad day it made me feel better.

Truth: It's hard to know at the time when you are making a mistake in life.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Release Date 8/26/2007

I released this message in Port Vila Vanuatu while doing a short paddle in an outrigger canoe.

I was visiting on vacation. It was a rainy day, but this looks like a a beautiful place to paddle, and I hope to come back and spend more time here some day.

While walking around on the land I found a cool snake and tried to play with it, but my friend told me it was a deadly poison sea snake that can kill you. I'm glad it went under a rock!!!

Sometimes you have to live in the moment.