Monday, August 30, 2021

Release Date 8/29/2021

 I did a long one way panel from French river to Malpaque on the PEI coast

It was a very windy yesterday and I took this picture from the land. NOT suitable for solo paddling

 I stoped for a tasty lunch of PEI bluefin tuna scraps from a tail of a 375 pounder that a friend gave us and local string beans   

A saw a single seal and lots of beach goers but only one pleasure boat, the heavy winds from the previous day kept everyone home

Strava Track shows details.

There are some really cool rock formations on this section   This rock is surrounded by water on all sides

I was able to photograph one of the last lighthouse is on my list there is no way to get to it from the land because it’s on private property 

Truth: leftovers can be good  

Friday, August 27, 2021

Release Date 8/26/2021

A hot sunny and very windy paddle from Darnley out past the Cabot park and into Malpaque Bay. 

See it on Strava:

I struggled with low water in the Darnley river and don’t think I will launch from here again. I was picking my way across, and had to paddle with a very low angle for a while. I launched right at low tide, so it was a bit easier when I came back.  

I saw a huge variety of coastline but my favorite is always the cliffs.  

this is a confusing picture but its looking UP a steep weed encrusted bank I'm dragging the boat back up the hill.

Truth: everything alive needs water. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Release Date 8/18/2021

 I had a very leisurely paddle down the PEI coast almost made it to cousins shore beach.  

The wind was from the shore so it was very calm and I was able to paddle into some sea caves

I was able to paddle into some sea caves

I found a great fishing buoy on a deserted beach and took it home as a souvenir

Truth: you have to be flexible 

Update, see the comments this bottle was found a week and a half later and it traveled over 100KM. East Point is just at the end of the island, if it had gone any further it would have left the province.