Sunday, August 22, 2021

Release Date 8/18/2021

 I had a very leisurely paddle down the PEI coast almost made it to cousins shore beach.  

The wind was from the shore so it was very calm and I was able to paddle into some sea caves

I was able to paddle into some sea caves

I found a great fishing buoy on a deserted beach and took it home as a souvenir

Truth: you have to be flexible 

Update, see the comments this bottle was found a week and a half later and it traveled over 100KM. East Point is just at the end of the island, if it had gone any further it would have left the province.


Anonymous said...

Bottle received dated 8.18 at East Point, between East Lake and East point on the north coast.

Tim Gamble said...

Thanks for letting me know.

Feel free to send your email and I will make good on my promise of a $20 reward.