Sunday, December 24, 2023

Release date 12/20/2023

 We did 4 days of paddling in the Everglades national Park. 

We had planned to do 6 days, but the day we were scheduled to leave there were torrential rainstorms, so we just drove down to Everglades City and stayed in the very funky but forgotten Everglades Rod and Gun Club this place dates from the 1920s when it was a private club. The bar and reception area are amazing.

In the morning there has been tremendous flooding from the rain and tides.

Day one we took the inside passage to Watson's place It was very rough and windy after the big storm and we wanted to check out what the inside paddle was like. We paddled up the Lopez river, and We camped at the Watson place the mosquitoes were terrible.

EJWatson is notorious as an early Everglades resident. I had read the excellent book about him called Shadow country I actually brought the book with me and started it again on the trip. The biography of the author Peter Mathison is almost as interesting as the Watson story.

The next day it was very calm in the morning and we left and headed south trying to catch up to our original plan. Because of the storm the water was very churned up and although we had a fishing pole we decided it would be futile.  We had lunch on pavilion key and continued south.

At this point We decided to cut the trip short and stop at hog Island for the night, but we were downwind surfing and we went a little bit too far. We still found a nice campsite on the shore nearby. It remained very wind 15 to 20Kts from the North.

At this point we totally changed our schedule and started working north again The winds were predicted to be very strong from north to south. Our original plan had us going past highland beach, if we had we never would have been able to get back.

We went north and camped at new turkey key which was a very beautiful campsite.

The next day we continued north to rabbit key for exit in the morning.

I had to do a long trip on Saturday and the more I thought about it i wanted an early  exit to get everything cleaned up and organized, also.    it was cool and  very windy everyday.

For future trips if this is the prevailing wind direction we could do a car shuttle go in at Chokoloksee and Out at Flamingo.

Although it looks interesting interior camping on Chickees or ground sites is probably a mistake because of the bugs. We asked a local and he said they were less in winter, but always a problem except after a hurricane that disrupts their breeding for 14 to 16 months.

Truth: the tide keeps coming

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Release Date 12/6/2023

 Released this message off of Todos Santos island near Ensenada in Baja Mexico.

Swell was very large and we could not land on the lighthouse island but we could land on the southern island for lunch.

We could see the giant surf wave "Killers" in the distance with some board surfers on it. 

Heavy fog rolled in which is very unusual for this area, and it made the view even more dramatic.

Truth: Rest is important.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Release date 11/12/2023

 Released this message inside the point Judith pond in Rhode Island.

We paddled from the very head of the pond out to the breakwater on the ocean had a few beers and came back again It was a brisk day but not too cold once we got moving.

The day before we went out with a big group of Rhode Island paddlers and did the rocks around Newport but I could not find a bottle so I did the message on Sunday.

Saturday paddling

Truth: sometimes you get too much.

Thursday, October 05, 2023

Release Date 10/5/2023

 Went for a paddle on the East River from Red Hook up to Roosevelt Island. 

See the Strava Track here.

We timed it for current assist in both directions.

It was surprising to see the amount of development along the Brooklyn and Queens shorline.

This place looks really interesting! A glamping hotel in shipping containers and weird tents.

We climbed over the railing to get a drink at a waterfront restaurant, but they sent us packing. 

Truth: Things arent always in the right place.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Release Date 5/18/2023

 I paddled up to Gilli Meno, then back again 2 days later.

On the trip out I left a bit after 10:00am, and it got quite windy, but the wind was at my back and I even surfed a bit on the wind waves.

Strava trip out

Strava trip back

I had a bit of confusion finding my hotel Two brothers bungalows but I figured it out.

On the paddle back I left before 6:30 am.   It was just beautiful so quiet and peaceful. It was so calm I took a large ferry angle and ended up at a cool blowhole that I want to try and reach from a beach snorkel.

Truth: it helps to ask

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Release Date 5/9/2023

Oh dear I have been very negligent on MIB posting. I have had a number of kayak and diving adventures but neglected to post them.

 I did a paddle up the coast to an area i have been to a few times.

See my Strava track here:


I am planning/practicing for my trip to the Gilli Islands.

I saw some guys spearfishing right near my launch at Scuba Froggy and they had taken some big Spanish Mackerel. I never see any fish near there, but maybe they are running now I should try again. 

Also so what looks like some nice reef just north of the blue greek style hotel. Looks like good coral and really cool undercut rock in the water. 

I stopped for lunch and had to wait out a torrential downpour. No pictures because i was afraid the phone would get wet!

Truth: Rain moves slow.