Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Release Date 5/9/2023

Oh dear I have been very negligent on MIB posting. I have had a number of kayak and diving adventures but neglected to post them.

 I did a paddle up the coast to an area i have been to a few times.

See my Strava track here:


I am planning/practicing for my trip to the Gilli Islands.

I saw some guys spearfishing right near my launch at Scuba Froggy and they had taken some big Spanish Mackerel. I never see any fish near there, but maybe they are running now I should try again. 

Also so what looks like some nice reef just north of the blue greek style hotel. Looks like good coral and really cool undercut rock in the water. 

I stopped for lunch and had to wait out a torrential downpour. No pictures because i was afraid the phone would get wet!

Truth: Rain moves slow.

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