Sunday, November 27, 2005

Message 2 Release Date 11/26/2005

Hi I released this message off of Breezy Point (Far Rockaway) in Brooklyn/Queens New York on 11/26/2005
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Map of Queens, NY US

Borrowed a kayak from Sebago canoe club. Released on incoming tide at approximately 12:15.

It was cool 40 degrees and overcast. We were kayak fishing. It was pretty quiet, but I hooked one large fish around 16:00. I fought it to the boat, but it got loose right before we got a hold of it, or even a look at it.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Message 1 Release Date 11/24/2005

Hello I released this message off of Rockaway Beach in Brooklyn/Queens New York on or about 11/24/2005 (Thanksgiving).
I was Kayak surfing.
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White water surfboat. Air 40, Water 40.
It was really windy 20-30kts and the surf was 4 or 5 ft tall. That seems like a lot when you are only about 2ft off the water in a small whitewater kayak. This is a good spot for kayak surfing there is a sandbar about 150 yds off the beach, so you can ride a wave, then when it stops breaking it leaves you in green water, instead of smashed onto the beach.
I paddled, with some difficulty, out to the first break, but the surf was too big to get past it. This was the first time I was ever cartwheled end over end in kayak. Once that happened I realized maybe it wasn't such a good idea to play out this far, so I released the bottle and went to surf on the beach break.
I got a few good rides, but It was really too big for my skill level in the slow whitewater boat. I was rolled many times, and I started to get nervous since I was alone, so I quit after about an hour or so.