Monday, April 08, 2013

Release Date 3/30/2013

I paddled from Red Hook up to Randall's Island, had a quick lunch and came back home again.

We left at 8:30 AM, and got back right at 13:30.

High Water at the Battery was 11:15.

We had mild current at the start and it built-up throughout the trip. We didn't hang-out long enough so the current was against us at the start of the return trip.

It looks like the Parks department has really cleaned-up Mill Rock and added a bbq pit and picnic table, so the area is really calling out for a kayak based cookout.We could have a backup location on Randall's Island, where it is actually allowed in the official rules.

It was still very cool, but the sun was intense, clear, and bright, and spring is well under way.

The pictures are boring, but do capture the crisp clean glow of the day.

Truth: Girl Scout Cookies are getting smaller.