Monday, January 18, 2016

Release Date 1/17/2016

Paddle from Orient Point to Mill Lane beach in Greenport.

Start of our paddle along the North Short of Long Island, doing one hop each day.

Current in Race: 11:30 Flood Starts

We dropped the first car off in Greenport around 9:30 so the drive from Brooklyn was only about 1.5 hours, really fast because it was a Sunday morning.

We launched at the ferry at Orient Point around 11:15 it was already flooding pretty good around the point and a very small tide race starting. 

We made really good time going up the coast as the current picked up, it was at least 2 kts in some places.

We had a very small weather window, which we timed perfectly the wind was less than 10kts all day, it lay down just as we launched. It was still pretty cold. The sun never came out, and the weather staying in the mid to low 30s all day. I paddled the whole day with my greenland paddle, which didn't cause any problems with my tennis elbow. It was so cold I had to use the poggies with the greenland paddle, but they worked fine, and my hands stayed warm. Water temperature was a very cold 35 degrees.

We stopped for lunch around 13:15, but didn't stay long. It was windy and cold and we were worried about running out of daylight or having the the weather get back.

It started to snow very lightly around 15:00, and was really picking up snow by 16:00 when we landed. The drive home was awful in a light snow and the dark. 

We collected the cars and headed over to Little Creek Oysters for a post paddle treat of oysters and beer. Unfortunately they were OUT OF OYSTERS. We saw the folks finishing the last dozen when we arrived. Otherwise it was a fun day. 

Truth: If you do some of the work you can save money.