Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Release Date 3/27/2016

It was the third leg of our North Shore of Long Island Tour, and also Easter Sunday.

We went from Reaves Beach to Cedar Town Beach. 

I was trying out my new compass. I was able to read it, and get good general headings from it.

It was a perfect day for paddling we had the tide, the flood started around 09:30, we launched at 10:20. There was a NW wind of between 5 and 10 knots so that helped us along our way. Weather was in the low 50s and sunny.

We went past the old Shoreham Nuclear Plant. We had trouble understanding why there weren't any guards around and people had built their beach houses right next to it. Turns out it was never activated and was fully decommissioned years ago!

I saw people with dogs on the shore and paddled over to check it out. One dog, a huge black lab, was biting a lobster float and trying to drag the trap to shore. He was really struggling and his master was trying to get him to "RELEASE", but he wouldn't. I pushed him with my paddle and he wouldn't let go. I then came back and was going hook my towrope to it to have the people drag the trap to shore, but I was able to grab his jowls and make him release. I was afraid he might drown he was trying so hard and his head was going under sometimes.

We had a nice lunch out of the wind behind some rocks for about 45 minutes then were back on our way. 

I went out almost a mile to release the bottle so hopefully it doesn't go right back to the beach.

Some bad erosion for some of the beach houses.

We arrived @ Cedar Beach around 16:30. 

We did manage to find some oysters on the way home at PJs lobster house. It was nice enough, but the oysters were very small, expensive, and not really opened with precision.

Truth: Dogs can be Tenacious