Saturday, November 14, 2020

Release Date 11/6/2020

 We paddled out from Stonington Point to play in the Flood Tide Race.

The wind was from the West so we were not expecting much because it was not against the current and the current wasn't at its peak in the moon cycle.

We went to "The Cans" which are the two green buoys out near the northeast tip of Fischers Island. We found almost no race directly at the buoys but when went closer to the island we found some decent waves to surf in.

The Strava track of the paddle is here. If you zoom in you can see the surfing out at the far end of the triangle:

We then went to Noank to have lobsters at Fords, but were disappointed to find it was closed. We went to a hipster grocery and got some tasty sandwiches instead and enjoyed them with a few beers to celebrate the end of 6 days of paddling.

All of this occurred during the election on 11/3 and the crazy after time of counting. What a whirlwind. 

The other paddle days were:

Play at Sugar Reef and other Ebb sites on 11/1/2020 no Strava

Downwinder from New London on 11/2/2020. This was the strongest wind I have ever paddled in and was really intense some of waves were very large and it was difficult to hold onto the paddle. 

Rhode Island rock play on 11/3/2020. There was very big swell and only some of the features were working. I was in a borrowed fiberglass boat so I did not go into the rocks. We saw some huge waves off the lighthouse at the tip of Beaver Tail. The wind was directly against the swell and just tore the top of the waves off as they broke. Nobody had an appetite to get near that.

Play on Flood at The Cans on 11/4/2020 with a stop at the Monestary to wait for the flood.

Rhode Island Rock Play along "Mansion Row" on 11/5/2020.

Strava Tracks

Did not have a storm cag but my moms raincoat was a great substitute

Mansion row paddle launch

I didnt trust the mooring so put my boat in the rocks

Parking for Lunch on Mansion Row

An Anchor in Newport

Drinking beer in Noank

Sunset on the final day

Lunch on Mansion Row

Truth: You Have to Count everything. 

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Release Date 9/2/2020

 I released the message off of the East side of Cavendish Park in PEI Canada. I was paddling from French River to North Rustico. 

See the Strava Track here:

If you look closely you can see where I stopped for lunch, and then for the fishing buoy, as well as a paddled out into deep water to release the bottle. 

I have actually been paddling a bit in PEI, but there is very little litter here, and I have not been able to find empty trash bottles to use, so no posts, which is a good thing!

It was really windy with the Wind coming from the South so it was on my right side for much of the trip, but as I got close to North Rustico it was right in my face. 

I planned to only do an out and back trip, but when I stopped for lunch I realized I was more than halfway to North Rustico, so I arranged to for dinner and pickup there, and just kept on going.  

All along Cavendish it is a barren beach island, but after the park the coast is beautiful Red Rock cliffs with nice little pocket beaches. I found a nice spot and stopped for lunch and a rest.

This was my first trip with a new seat back that I put into the boat. It did not come with anything when I bought it and I could not find a backband. The cockpit is a very tight fit with the Ocean cockpit, so I decided to try and make a foam back. It came our really well, and I am very happy with it. I also bought a pelican case for my phone and other things. I first purchased a cheap knock-off one, but I almost ruined my phone when it leaked. This Pelican case it totally waterproof.

I found this really well made fishing buoy and freed it from the rocks. Usually they just use cement in a plastic oil container for the counterweight, but this fisherman used a piece of steel pipe. He also used stainless steel screws everywhere, and a stainless steel swivel. Im sorry he lost it.


Truth: A double is better.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Release Date 7/30/2020

I paddled off of PEI with Ourside Expeditions in North Rustico.

It was threatening to rain, but I finished before it started, and it was nice to not paddle in direct sun. 

I went from North Rustico Harbor to Robinson's Island, that is not really an island. It looked like it was all wilderness, but as I got closer I realized it has a bike trail in it, and there were a bunch of people on the Beach as I went further along, presumably to where you can drive to. This does seem like a cool place to come back to for biking. 

They give me a pretty good kayak and paddle! Its a Tempest from WS.

cool burls on the roots of this tree
I had a short break for water and a snack on the Island then continued on. It was about 2 hours of paddling over about 2 1/2 hours. The coastline was too boring and I was worried about getting caught out in the rain to go any longer. 

The previous paddle along the cliffs was a lot more fun, and I will do that next time. 

You can see the paddle in detail on Strava:

My total Strava for all activities, most not paddling, is here:

Truth: Its best to call first. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Release Date 6/22/2020

First message of 2020 almost halfway through the year.

We are still up in PEI, but its finally warm enough to kayak, and I found a great outfitter who was willing to rent me a boat: Outside Expeditions in North Rustico not too far from where we are staying. They were really cool and helpful there. I feel so bad so for operations like this they have a very short season, and because the island is essentially closed they dont have much business.

June has been very windy but the wind was light when I started. I just paddled a few miles down the coast and back.

Much of the coast is made-up of sandstone cliffs. The rock is very soft, so soft nobody ever climbs it and mussels and plants cant grow on it so it is always the same color and usually rounded.

This looks like the Grand Canyon but its Canada on the Coast!
There were lots of great little pocket beaches and I stopped on one for lunch and a bit of beach combing.

The wind picked up a bit, and it was right in my face on the way back. I posted the paddle to Strava which I have been using a lot for biking and other activities.

I started about 12:00 and went North stopped at the beach at 12:45, then started paddling again about 13:30. I went further North then turned around and paddled back into the wind. I finished around 15:30. I had to fight the wind on the way back, but I felt pretty good and only got a slight twinge in my back a few times.

 Truth: Plans Change.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Release Date 12/29/2019

I finally got my new Kayak in the water in Indonesia.

On Christmas day the kayak trailer I had commissioned finally showed up at our house. It took about 2 months but it came out really nice.

On the first test I sheared the connecting bolt off of the hitch, but we replaced it with another bolt, and more importantly added a bunch of rubber that would allow the hitch to twist on the back of the bike rather than stress the bolt. This seemed to do the trick and its working well.  I just went local with it, and got a LOT of laughs and weird looks from the local but I got to the water!

Im a bit worried that wheels are not attached well enough, but its hard to tell how much stress is on it.

The paddle itself was short just an hour to test it out.

Returning to beach in light surf.

One problem is my spray skirt wont stay on it, but im hoping the skirt that came with the boat will work better. My skirt is for a sharp glass kayak coaming.

The boat paddled ok, its about the right length easy to turn and handle in the surf, but still ok on speed. Im a bit worried about the quality of the seat and rudder assembly, but time will tell.
We put up some of our new wooden spearguns on the wall as art!

Kate made this cool batik for me.

These butterflies appear to be doing a mating dance:

Truth: shocks help

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Release Date 12/8/2019

We were rock garden paddling in Baja Mexico at La Bufadora south of Ensenada.

This amazing Taco stand in Ensenada is a must on each trip. 
The trip was organized by Jen Kleck who runs the annual baja kayak fest event. We usually go in the Spring when it is a bit warmer, but the weather was just perfect this trip, in the 60s and low 70s, although it was a bit windy on one day. 

This is a great location and it was my third trip down there for this fun and challenging location. Like last spring the weather was rainy and cloudy, with heavy actual rain on a few of the days.  This is very unusual for this desert location, but since it was pretty warm and we were wearing drysuits it was not a big deal.

It was a smaller group than in the past, and I really enjoyed the ability to paddle and more importantly hang out with friends. We had some great meals. The only problem was we ran out of IPA beer with one day to go, but we made due to alternate arrangements.

The coastline is amazing for miles in each direction
The timing didnt work for camping on the Todos Santos Islands, but we took a motor boat ride out there, and then paddled back home.

These two lighthouses are the main feature of the island. The one on the right is quite old.

This doggie works on the island and loves to be picked up!
I felt pretty good for the whole trip, just a touch of back and shoulder pain on some of the bigger days when we did more features or the long paddle back from the Island.

Truth: You can not put 10oz into an 8oz glass.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Release Date 3/30/2019

We went for a paddle in the harbor from Red Hook.

Low water at the Battery was at 11:30.

We launched about 10:00AM into a strong Ebb, and paddled against it up to Castle Clinton to see if there was any tide race waves to play in.

There were just a few small ones because the tide was on neaps and the wind was not against it, so after a bit of surfing we peeled off for a trip south.

We want to the very fancy golf course in Bayone. Its private members only and the emphasize its accessible by private boat or helicopter.  They don't quote the price, but the Internet has it as $150,000 initiation fee and $18,000 a year. Its probably $200 a round as well so a bit rich for my blood.

But I guess that's a deal since this article has Liberty National Course Initiation fee at $450,000, and a wait list!

Since we were on the golf course I had a shot with lunch!

The wind really picked-up like 15 knots from East so the initial part of the ride home was a real slog, but eventually we got out in the current.

We heard on the radio that two barges had come loose and we watched the Army Corps of Engineers boat go out and collect them and pull them in toward Red Hook. The mooring ball was still on the bow of one of them, so the Anchor cable must have just broken off.

Truth: The Rich get Richer.