Saturday, November 17, 2018

Release Date 11/12/2018

We spent several days paddling in CT and RI.

We stayed in a great house in Stonington. We had hoped to paddle over from Orient Point, but it was too windy to do the crossing so we drove up. We got a super early start, met for the boats at 5:30 and were at the house by Lunch time, plenty of time for a paddle, but not a paddle AND a nap.

On Friday night we hit the Holly Ghost Society for the Fish Fry and wasted money on the lottery game.

We went to Ram Island reef to paddle in the tide race created by the flood tide and the West wind. We put in at Esker Point beach.

 The race was pretty good, and we all did a bit of surfing. We stopped to rest on Ram Island and met a VERY friendly doggy, who loved to have her belly rubbed. 

The dog was less enthusiastic about being picked-up and played like a bass guitar, but she put up with it....

The next day we paddled out to Latimer Light for more tide race surfing on the Ebb in a very strong East wind. The waves were big, but I was intimidated by the really strong wind so I didnt stay out very long and went right back after a tough slog out there.

The house was great and we had a big feast one night. Local Oysters, and a mixed grill.

On the third day we drove up to Jamestown RI to paddle along Beavertail. This where I released the bottle.  We put in at very pretty cove near Fort Wetherhill State park, and paddled along the coast to the Beavertail lighthouse. 


The hope was to play in the rocks, but there was very little swell and I was afraid of tearing up my boat after recently having it repaired. Eventually I took off my helmet to wear a warm hat, then foolishly got in a little cove in the rocks and promptly got rolled by big wave and my head was dragged across the rocks underwater. Fortunately I rolled up and got out of there and wasn't hurt, but it was a good lesson about keeping the helmet on. I did find a really great fishing buoy for my collection. I only hope I can keep it.

On the last day we paddled out of Esker Point again, but there was no wind at all and none of the tide races were working. We paddled out to South Dumpling Island and got a history lesson on the Island from the caretaker who lives there to look after it for the wealthy owner. He told us some great stories about the incredible storms that he has had in the winter. We then went over to Ford's restaurant for a great Lobster lunch. 

Truth: Dosage is Important.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Release Date 10/21/2018

I was in Florida on a hunting trip.

The weather was actually too warm for comfortable hunting. It was in the 80s during the day, and slogging through the bushes in thick clothes was uncomfortable. 




We did see a few hogs, but they were all too small. 20-30 pounds.

 and on the last day a squadron of little tiny babies about the size of rabbits walked across my path. They were super cute!!!

Saw this wacky car/golf-cart at the Salt Creek Restaurant. 

This cypress tree made a great photo.

Truth: Patience is important

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Release Date 7/29/2018

I was kayaking in the Tide Race off of Orient Point.

We were staying nearby and got to paddle twice on the ebb, and once on the flood over 3 separate days.

We took the opportunity to clean and harvest a bunch of our oysters since it was right down the road.

There was no swell and the current runs fastest on the Ebb. The best place on the Ebb was just to the South and West of the light, while on the flood there was a cleaner better race on North and East of the lighthouse.

This spot is not as big as the races in Fischers Island, but it was really nice to be so close to shore for launching. Also the lighthouse was a great place to rest! On the Ebb I was able to get out of my boat in the little cove that is part of the lighthouse and stretch my legs.

My arm and back felt ok both during and after paddling, but my knee was bruised and very sore the next day from gripping the boat, but it quickly went away.

Truth: Its better to sleep in comfort. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Release Date 4/26/2018

I was kayaking in Baja Mexico around the town of La Bufadora with a trip organized by Pinniped Kayak.

The trip was run/managed by Jen Kleck who runs the Baja Kayak Fest in the same location each year.

We drove down from San Diego and had great Tacos and saw great scenery.


We did a lot of rock garden paddling right around the little town, and also an overnight trip to a small lighthouse off the coast.

The rock garden paddling was very unique and we quickly learned the intensity of the Pacific swell was so much bigger and more powerful than what we were used to paddling around Rhode Island and Maine here on the East Coast. All the time we were there things were small to small-medium, but it was more than large enough for me!

Fresh Sea Urchin with our lunch.


I saw plastic boats get massive dents and holes, paddles break, and at one point an entire 15 foot kayak get pulled underwater VERTICALLY in a hole right next to a big rock that was clearly over 15 foot deep. Really impressive stuff.

These three photos illustrate the difference that timing plays, this is the exact same spot just a few minutes apart, its critical to pick the right time to go through something like this. You want some water, but not too much!

One thing we were quickly taught was NOT to surf through these slots and pour overs. Instead the goal was to pick a small to medium wave that had enough water, and try to stay on the back of it.

Here is a picture of me going through a slot that has a hole on the other end. I made it all the way through, did this cool brace then capsized, and eventually rolled-up with a little help. I capsized a number of times always at end of the feature. I would make it all the way through, be super proud of myself, then fall over!

and a closeup, fortunately you cant see the look of terror on my face:

There is a lot of aquaculture down here. This funny shipname is working on fattening pens for Bluefin Tuna.

This lighthouse is about to be decommissioned, but it was really cool to be able to visit it.


Truth: Timing is important.

Mario who FOUND the bottle sent along the following picture showing the bottle and highlighting the spot on the shore where he found it. Dunno how he got down there in the rocks!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Release Date 2/18/2018

I released this message while hunting near the Suwanee River in north Florida.

The weather was great nice and warm. A bit windy for good hunting, and we had to leave early on Sunday because of rain but otherwise was nice.

We had a great relaxing day out in the woods.

I did see a few small hogs, but we didn't get any to take home.

Really Really low tide. Good thing we brought an airboat!

Had a great steak dinner anyway, and then on Sunday got to watch an exciting super bowl game and see the dreaded Patriots go down swinging YES!!!

New Hunting knife put to work on steak

Truth: Sometimes 8 is not enough.

This is a good sign at a BBQ place.