Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Release Date 1/29/2022

 I was Hunting in the Lower Suwanee national wildlife refuge.

We didnt catch any hogs, but some other hunters in the area who arrived earlier did get some.

It was a cold and windy day on the Saturday. Things warmed-up and the wind died off on Sunday.

I found the old hog skull that we buried here a number of years ago. It looks very scary and weird because it became infused with roots from trees. After about 10 minutes under the hose I was able to get it back to where i could tell what it was.

On the second day some other hunters sabotaged the airboat changing the spark plug wires around and it was looking a little dicey trying to go home in the dark. The boat kept backfiring flames out of the exhaust pipe. We figured it out and corrected it with no damage done, but WTF its public land no need to trash somebody's boat.

Truth: Old memories get confused. 

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