Friday, January 21, 2022

Release Date 1/20/2022

First Bottle of the New Year

I have been paddling a bit, but was too lazy to post all of them here. 

I went out to Durney Key to test out my Flat Earth Kayak Sail. I finally got the rigging right and the sail worked pretty well. Im looking forward to trying it in a heavier wind. It was only about 5 to 10 knots. I definitely pushes the boat in this wind. If I dont paddle at all its about 2 knots if I paddle as well it really moved. 

The sail seemed to allow sailing at 45 degrees maybe a bit more on either side of the wind. And if the day was right it would make a huge difference the amount of distance and effort. 

We built some rat traps to try and reduce the rat infestation of the island, but the rats outsmarted us and took almost all the bait without catching any of them. I will upload the game camera footage if I get some good shots.

Truth: Rats are smart

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