Monday, July 11, 2022

Release Date 7/10/2022

 I was Scuba Diving off of Belongas Bay with Wild Scuba Indonesia  at the famous Magnet dive site.

This is a great company and they offer really exciting diving in big seas and current at these very special dive sites. 

We were hoping to find the hammerhead sharks, but they weren't around. Apparently it is still a bit too warm. I dove here on the 10th and 9th. We saw lots of cool pelagic fish including Tunas and a Huge school of barracuda. 

It was very rough, waves were at least 6ft trough to crest and I got a bit seasick on the ride out and especially the ride back. I could only do 2 dives and went in early because of the sea sickness. 

We stayed on Gili Ashran which was long drive, but it was nice to stay on these mellow islands, and the drive across the southern part of Lombok is really nice.

Truth Italian Food is Good. 

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