Friday, September 15, 2017

Release Date 9/8/2017

Went for a ride in new motorboat.

We went out for a shakedown cruise and met a friend in a kayak.

We tried some highspeed kayak towing which ended in some exciting times. For short bursts we had some amazing surfs. We couldn't push enough water through to stay up on the wake without towing.

3 Full size men in the boat it performed ok, but not great. It still worked ok when we added a forth and went for burgers and Lavender Lake.

I went out a few days earlier with just 2 people and drove much better. In the Newtown creek we were able to open it up and plane and really fly down the creek. Saw a seaplane landing that snuck right up on us, it would have been interesting if he had landed a few minutes early since it went a lot faster than we did.

Truth: Its hard to see in the dark.

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