Friday, September 15, 2017

Release Date 9/10/2017

We did a hook to hook paddle. Sandy to Red...

Left about 14:20 on 9/9/2017 from Red Hook and had a really fast paddle to the Verazano It was just one hour total. We had a light wind at our back and perfect current planning.





We met up with some CIBBOWS swimmers who were doing the same trip. I broke off from the paddlers and played swimmer escort for a few hours. The swimmers took a much more easterly route and we had great current.

Eventually it got too late, they pulled my swimmer and I paddled in some significant swell over toward the campsite and amazingly met the rest of my group about 45 minutes before they reached the beach.

The campout was great with lots of fun people and really amazing grilled lamb and kielbasa as the main course. We had car support to bring the heavy food and drinks.

For breakfast the leftover lamb, sausage, and rice was mixed with some duck eggs for a really filling breakfast.





The paddle back was much more difficult. Wind was about 15 knots so against the current it slowed us down and also made for some real swell.

We took a break at the lighthouse south of the Swinburne. There was yet another dead seagull on the top of the lighthouse just like we found on our Ft. Wadsworth trip.

We then went up to Swinburne and the Sebago folks departed off to coney island creek. We were exhausted and hungry so stopped at Voodoo beach. At this point the current had turned and we opted for a motor tow home since we found a kind soul to break away from the Bills game and save us. The tow worked great and we took 5 boats home to Red hook 2 empty and three full on the tow.


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