Thursday, March 01, 2012

Release Date 2/26/2012

It was still a windy day, but not nearly as bad as the last time. Tides again dictated a North paddle.

Although I planned to meet friends on the NYC side, the wind forced me to go up the Jersey side, then I had to cross over and get their attention because they didn’t get my message.

I have been paddling the Tide Race X-Plore S on all these trips and I’m really liking it. Hard to tell if it is as fast as my old touring boat, but it is very comfortable, and I think it will be good in bigger water. Hopefully I can try it in the surf sometime.

We went back to the sunken restaurant barge, but this time I was able to board by climbing up the side with some boat stabilizing help.

We even found a few cool souvenirs that were left aboard. It’s funny the thing must have just sunk all of a sudden. Some of the pots in the kitchen still have something in them, with plastic wrapped over it, like it was the middle of dinner service when they abandoned ship.

It’s build on a barge, and when I looked down the stairs I can see its on the bottom and full of water.

We then went in for lunch again, and I resisted all samples.

By the time we headed home the wind had dropped way off, and it was a really nice day.

Truth: Marine Salvage is cool.

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