Thursday, March 01, 2012

Release Date 2/12/2012

This was another day when all my friends but one bailed on a trip because of the cold and really high wind.

I paddled up from Pier 40 to Pier 96 on the Jersey side of the river to get a bit of shelter from it. The wind was from the W and NW, so it was much smoother on that side, and when close enough to land there was less wind.

We played around this sunken riverboat/restaurant a bit, but we were too cold to attempt to board it.

I met up with my paddling friend at Pier 96 and we made it up to Misuwa, before the cold and hunger drove us in for noodles and sake.

We had a nice lunch, and a carbonated sake to warm up.

They had a cream-puff stand set-up, but it was too crowded and the line too long for us to get any.

I then got on a kick and went around the store trying every free sample, and buying something from every sample giver. It was the kind of foolish obsession that sometimes seizes me. Now I have a bunch of weird food to eat. So far the Nori is the best thing.

I got a great idea to re-warm myself before going back outside into the cold. I put my sleeve up to the hot air hand dryer in the men’s room and it caused me to blow-up like a balloon.

Truth: Carbonation makes things fun.

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