Friday, September 29, 2006

Release Date 9/25/2006

Released this message while diving off of New Port Richey Fla on 9/25/2006. We were on the wreck of the Thompson 30 miles out from New Port Richey.

We were spearfishing. It was a great day. Viz was about 35ft. Water temp in the 80's. Even at that distance from shore the waves were less than 2 ft. I did some freediving, then 3 scuba dives. Best was the first few free dives looking for the wreck going straight down into a school of large barracuda and seeing the wreck materialize at 65ft.

We got one grouper, which we enjoyed baked in a tomato pesto sauce for dinner.

Truth: Not knowing when you are going to die makes planning difficult.

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