Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Release Date 9/17/2006

Released this message on my way to do a swim support for the CIBBOWS group. A large group of 16 paddled down from Manhattan to help with a swim race across the Narrows.

I released the bottle just before 11:00 right in the middle of the channel on a pretty good ebb tide.

It was yet another really beautiful day perfect for a paddle down from the city. We left 56th St at 08:15, but had to make a few stops to pick-up other kayakers.

The race was a lot of fun, and we were treated to cookout afterward. We started back around 15:30 and reached 56th St around 18:30.

Truth: The Snooze alarm is a dangerous thing.


Tim Gamble said...

I got the following via email. It's pretty amazing the bottle made it all the way to Rockaway Beach in less than 1 day!!!

Barbara Lee wrote:
Tim, We found a bottle of yours! The message indicates it was released 9/17 into the Hudson River. We found it on Rockaway Beach around 6pm today.

We are very curious (and impressed) as to how your bottle got here so quickly. We are thinking that maybe we should re-relase your bottle...
We'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

This is Barbara Lee writing: I was with the person who found the bottle, but I am not she. Finder-Of-The-Bottle, along with another friend of ours (Friend-Of-Finder-Of-The-Bottle), was visiting me in Rockaway and has now returned with bottle to a distant land.