Thursday, September 03, 2020

Release Date 9/2/2020

 I released the message off of the East side of Cavendish Park in PEI Canada. I was paddling from French River to North Rustico. 

See the Strava Track here:

If you look closely you can see where I stopped for lunch, and then for the fishing buoy, as well as a paddled out into deep water to release the bottle. 

I have actually been paddling a bit in PEI, but there is very little litter here, and I have not been able to find empty trash bottles to use, so no posts, which is a good thing!

It was really windy with the Wind coming from the South so it was on my right side for much of the trip, but as I got close to North Rustico it was right in my face. 

I planned to only do an out and back trip, but when I stopped for lunch I realized I was more than halfway to North Rustico, so I arranged to for dinner and pickup there, and just kept on going.  

All along Cavendish it is a barren beach island, but after the park the coast is beautiful Red Rock cliffs with nice little pocket beaches. I found a nice spot and stopped for lunch and a rest.

This was my first trip with a new seat back that I put into the boat. It did not come with anything when I bought it and I could not find a backband. The cockpit is a very tight fit with the Ocean cockpit, so I decided to try and make a foam back. It came our really well, and I am very happy with it. I also bought a pelican case for my phone and other things. I first purchased a cheap knock-off one, but I almost ruined my phone when it leaked. This Pelican case it totally waterproof.

I found this really well made fishing buoy and freed it from the rocks. Usually they just use cement in a plastic oil container for the counterweight, but this fisherman used a piece of steel pipe. He also used stainless steel screws everywhere, and a stainless steel swivel. Im sorry he lost it.


Truth: A double is better.

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