Saturday, November 11, 2017

Release Date 11/6/2017

I released this message off of Cedar Beach in the Peconic Bay.

I was out tending my oysters on a gray fall day. The water is getting cold and the oysters are going into a sort of hibernation for the winter. If I go out any more it will just be to harvest some for eating.

Weather was in the 60s windy and overcast. It rained on me, but just a tiny bit.

I paddled over to Jessup Neck, which strangely enough is a very small National Wildlife Refuge. I paddled up on a deer and two wild Turkeys eating acorns. Because I came from the water they let me come right up on them.

Jessup Neck is pretty cool just a long skinny spit of land with some big hills on it.

I paddled around some of the houses and had some lunch.

I saw lots of boats out and some guys snorkeling. Turns out it was the opening day of Scallop Season for Bay Scallops. We should try that next year if the water is warm like it is now.

There was a very strong current pulling out to sea on the way back, and with the wind I got confused and went way off course. It wasn't until I was over near the other shore that a realized I had been pushed very far East.

Truth: Technology can Fail.

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