Sunday, April 24, 2016

Release Date 4/18/2016

We were kayaking  in Newport Rhode Island.

We had gone surfing at Napatree in Stonington the day before.  I mostly just watch the surf, but there was good swell and some really large waves that the others went out on.

There was a bit of swell and some opportunity to do rock hopping, but I avoided that.

We put in at King Beach and paddled along the "Cliff Walk". It was warm and this will be the last trip for the drysuit. I wasn't feeling well, my arm was really bothering me, and I had to take it easy and keep the trip short.  

This is a beautiful coast that contains a huge number of really dramatic mansions, so of which date back to the turn of turn of the century. We found out later that many of the largest ones are owned by the town and conservation organization and are open for tourists, although at really high prices. We sneaked into "The Breakers" Cornelius Vanderbilt's summer home. We couldn't really get inside, but got a good view of the yard and the outside of the building.

Truth: You must pay your taxes.

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