Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Release Date 8/24/2015

Went for a North Shore paddle.

We launched under the Whitestone bridge and paddled East along the shore to Sands Point. There were huge schools of small bluefish but they did not bite my large diamond lure, maybe it was too big for them??? 

We found a deserted part of beach where a few other boaters were hanging out and we had lunch and soaked-up the sun.

It was a beautiful paddle back into the sunset. 

When we arrived at the park it was FULL of people of all shapes and sizes picnicking fishing and hanging out, really popular park. 

Have been practicing rolling and re-entering and rolling on each trip and got the re-enter and roll down to about 75% success rate. The trick is to get ALL the way into the boat and start on the correct side.

Truth: Things can work backwards as well as forwards.

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