Saturday, October 26, 2013

Release date 10/20/2013

It was my annual Hog Hunting trip in North Florida. 

The weather was absolutely perfect; it usually is time of year. Warm sun in the day cools at night. 

We did two days of hunting Saturday and Sunday. It was black powder season so the required weapon is a primitive musket. The guns are actually pretty sophisticated now with rifled barrels, and modern construction methods, so if you know what you are doing they are very accurate. The problem is you only get one shot. It takes at least 10 minutes to reload it.

I only saw two pigs, and had a shot at one of them. He started to come close, then headed away so I took a shot and missed, very embarrassing. There is a huge cloud of smoke and sparks when you shoot, and the brush is pretty dense, and the guns are VERY powerful with a huge 50 cal bullet, so its actually possible to kill one and then have to go check. I checked, no pig…

One of my friends did get one, so I did get a tasty hog ham to take back home to NYC.

We were leaving before dawn each day, and getting back just at dusk so there as some amazing scenery.

One morning we came across a bunch of kids tied up in canoes sleeping at the entrance to the canal we were staying on. They were about a 10 minute paddle from a nice state campground, go figure...

Truth: Sometimes things don't go as expected.

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