Thursday, November 17, 2011

Release Date 11/14/2011

Breezy Point.

We tried to go surfing on yet another very very mild late fall day. It was 70 degrees when we loaded up the boats in Park Slope, and maybe 65 at the put in, and a bit overcast.

Low tide was around 4:00PM, and we got on the water by 2:00PM.

There was very little surf, and it was broken up, so it was hard to catch good rides, but we had fun playing around in it, and trying to catch waves.

After a while I got bored and tried to do some fishing, but a fish bit off the end of my lure, and that seemed to make it very unappetizing, since I didn’t get any more bites. I did paddle around the point and saw lots of people surfcasting and some jetski guys jumping the shore surf. It was amazing how high they could jump on fairly small waves.

I watched a fisherman catch a small stripped bass, but he told me later that was the only one he caught, and that the fishing has been very poor this year. It might be because the water is still very warm, and fish haven't migrated. 
We enjoyed our bagels and a few glasses of wine and watched the Sun settle into a cloudy Western sky.  We started back around 4:45PM, and probably got out of the water by 6:00PM when it was pretty dark.

Truth: It’s colder when dark.

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