Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Release Date 1/19/2010


Also no bottle sorry, hope I don’t have to rename the blog….

After a particularly frustrating day at work I went out to paddle. Kate is out of town on a trip with some friends in India, so went out fairly late for a short trip. I paddled out around Nusa Island. It has been very windy lately, and the swell has been big. It is deceiving in the harbor, but once you pass the reef into the real sea it hits you.

This day it reminded me of the Atlantic. The ocean was a dark gray, swell from the sea, and wind waves on top of them. It was impressive. Unlike home it was not cold and upleasant. It was overcast, but still about 80 degrees, and even a chilly willy like me was comfortable in just a shirt and shorts.

I went around the two islands out the point to check out the new house we want to rent. We have found a ramshackle house on the coast that the owners want to fix-up and rent to us.

Inside it really looks like a beach shack. It is only about 30feet from the shore, and there is the constant roar of the surf smashing into the reef about 100 yards away. I hope we don’t go deaf.

The big revelation today was that about 50 yards away from the house it looks like I can do a launch, into surf, but not the terrible surf that comes in from the North. Maybe I can keep some of the kayaks under the house. Fingers crossed…. They have to actually do the work and fix it up, since it is falling down, but we are totally ready to go if it happens.

Unfortunately my camera battery went dead, so I couldn’t get a picture of it. I did get a nice picture of the surf crashing into “the blowhole” This was pretty interesting since it is sheer rock right on the coast, and massive clapotis coming out while the surf comes in. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It could be Wales…. This spray is about 30ft high…

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